Projects and information regarding SIPs

Sutton Poyntz.

In this instance the choice of SIPs was dictated by the three facts:

1. We were to be building on top of an existing building and foundations, therefore we wanted a light structure which would be immediately stable.

2.The clients would be living in the property during the build. Therefore getting the building weather proofed quickly was essential.

3. We wanted to improve the thermal performance of the existing building without adding too much structure.



1. Access to the back garden is only through the house. We therefore wanted to limit the movement of materials to a minimum and the materials should be in as large units as possible. 

2. The site also changes level dramatically which would normally involve moving unwanted soil off site. We didn't want to carry that through the house so a light superstructure (SIPs) supported above ground on a timber frame sitting on piled foundations was adopted. The limited amount of spoil can then be redistributed on site.


Indicative sizes and costs for walls and roof.

To provide an approximate guide to the cost of a single storey extension please see the drawings. The cost of foundations will vary depending on site conditions, the cost of the external finish will also vary the price.


Project Photos

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    Sutton Poyntz

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    Upwey extension.

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