Extension and remodelling of 1970s bungalow in a conservation area

The key objective of this project was to increase living space using a contemporary style which would complement the original 1970’s design. Whilst more space needed to be created this had to be achieved within the extremities of the property’s unusual footprint. It was also important to minimise the property’s visible impact from the road to the front and countryside to the rear.

Careful thought was put into the utilisation of passive solar gain to warm the centre of the house thereby improving airflow and ventilation. Because we were building on top of existing walls and foundations the new structure had to be highly insulated, light and quick to erect. SIPs were therefore ideal and subsequently turned out to be beneficial in bracing the original structure and providing an open loft space which was used to provide the master bedroom and ensuite. During the design process it became clear that great vistas would be enjoyed by adding a roof terrace to the new master bedroom suite.

The finished designed was achieved with minimal impact to the site, blending contemporary design into a beautiful landscape containing specimen trees. Roofing materials to match existing and natural timber cladding, which will age gradually, will be used to complement the original.

Project Photos

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    Glazed Gable

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    STAGE 1

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    STAGE 2

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    STAGE 3

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    STAGE 5

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    Completed view from the road