Modernisation of 2nd floor in listed Manor house

This was the last phase of a full refurbishment of a large Grade II listed Manor house in the Cotswolds. The clients wanted the 2nd floor to be self contained so it could be used either as a guest flat or an au pairs suite with adjoining playroom.

When amending a listed building not only does the new design have to complement the old but modern building regulation requirements have to be incorporated. Great care has to be employed to minimise any visual impact or damage to the possibly delicate fabric of the building.

A requirement of the building regulations is that bathrooms and utility rooms have to have mechanical ventilation. Normally this is simply vented to the exterior using the shortest route, in this instance however, because of the property’s listed status and the original roof s are of Cotswold stone this was not possible. After consultation and negotiation with the listed buildings department and building control, a compromise was achieved, venting was possible and nothing was visible from ground level.

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    Games Room

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    Utility Room

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