Conversion and Refurbishment of Building in Conservation Area

This project has the aim of bringing back into use a group of buildings on a prominent site on Portland. In so doing converting two of the buildings into dwellings and the Church into an exhibition space for arts events.

In a design sense we wanted to adapt our approach to each building depending upon it's position on the site. The least intervention to the Church (externally only an new doorway is visible), a traditional style conversion of the Manse and a more contemporary approach to the School Hall. The site is within a conservation area and in a very visible location therefore care has been taken with materials used. Re-using stone and slates where possible and using reclaimed materials to keep the weathered look. For the finished building see;

  • Photo before commencing  » Click to zoom ->

    Photo before commencing

  • Front Elevation  » Click to zoom ->

    Front Elevation

  • Demolition of front facade  » Click to zoom ->

    Demolition of front facade

  • Internal view of Manse  » Click to zoom ->

    Internal view of Manse

  • New Facade under construction  » Click to zoom ->

    New Facade under construction

  • Manse Facade  » Click to zoom ->

    Manse Facade

  • Kitchen.  » Click to zoom ->


  • Through Reception Room  » Click to zoom ->

    Through Reception Room

  • Stairs to 2nd Floor  » Click to zoom ->

    Stairs to 2nd Floor

  • Top Bedroom  » Click to zoom ->

    Top Bedroom

  • School Hall 1st Floor  » Click to zoom ->

    School Hall 1st Floor

  • 1st Floor  » Click to zoom ->

    1st Floor

  • The View  » Click to zoom ->

    The View